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Advices for successful dating

So you are on Internet looking for you half mate. There are some advices for successful dating from anastasia dates.
Trust to your instincts 

Your intuition was born with you and follows you all your life. Why don’t you trust to your intuition, who may know you better than you may?

Don’t catch first acquaintance available. Learn better about a profile first. Sometimes people write such things that may not fit to your interests. When you start working with a website, find a circle of people with whom you want to communicate. 

Anastasia dates also suggest you to not place your personal data as: phone number, full name, e-mail address. Sometimes in real life we suffer from unpleasant moments. So take into account that in virtual life they also may cause a kind of frustration as for many people Internet is only a place for fun.

During your communication try to ask all that questions you are interested in. Remember, someone who owns information owns also situation. Don’t be shy to ask personal questions. Don’t be afraid, they will not bite you. You should be interested in learning more about your lady in order to make the next step towards your serious relationship.

Don’t send money to your potential partner, even if she justifies by having financial problems. Anastasia dates suggest you to block such person, because she might squeeze your money. Conversation must be pleasant for you and for her. If you fill a kind of discomfort, maybe you waste your time and money (if you pay for your services).

Block immediately such person who insults you. I don’t think that you suffer from a kind of masochism. It depends on you which decision you should make. Before you arrange your real meeting be sure there is no doubts about such person and your relationship may become real. Don’t make promises if you are not sure that you really can comply this. Be coherent and respectful towards your lady-love.

Don’t hurry. Try to realize what exactly you have learnt about your future partner. Maybe you have not noticed something for the first time that you will see later. You should exchange several letters before arrange your first date. Try to make more conversations with your partner by phone. Voice and manner of speaking sometimes are very important in order to understand a character of your lady-love. It is also necessary to arrange a video conference, if you want to see a real image of your future partner.

Anastasia dates also suggest organizing your first meeting in public places: as café or restaurant. In order to leave if your half-mate and you do not match to each other.

During your first date with a girl you like try to ask her about her life, her work, about her future with you, try to ask as many as possible questions. In that way you will understand if you have the same goals and expectations. For woman who has build a good career moving abroad may be very difficult step, sometimes even impossible. It may seem very strange, but such woman also seeks for a life partner and many of them believe that their partners may leave their country in order to follow her to Russia. 

Anastasia dates is not available for suggestions in such delicate deal, it’s up to you and to your partner how to react.

We can only wish you Good Luck!


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